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Pick Me

INTRODUCING the Pick Flickinˇ¦ Game that will have you playing like a Rock star! Launch as many picks as you can from the strings of your guitar up and into the Mosh Pit. Land one into the hands of a frenzied fan and instantly win the game! Pick Me is the perfect game for any music fan and a great party game for everyone.

Age Grading: 8 + Years
Product Code: PM/01

No Clowns!
Mini-plungers pick up cards! A clown card is revealed. Find the matching clown and plunge him in the face first!

For 2-5 Players
Age Grading: 6 + Years
Product Code: PM/02

Old Mime
Donˇ¦t be left holding the Old Mime card at the end of the game. Itˇ¦s like the classic game, Old Maid, only more absurd.

For 2-5 Players
Age Grading: 6 + Years
Product Code: GG-106

Tic Attack Toe
Collect score cards before your opponent by playing your cards to make three-in-a-row!

For 2 Players
Age Grading: 5 + Years
Product Code: PM/03

Donˇ¦t Be a Clown
Clowns try to recruit you by giving you clown clothes and clown props! Be first to escape the circus with only food and prize cards!
Featuring 4 Custom Clown Figurines!

For 2-4 Players
Age Grading: 8+ Years
Product Code: GG-108

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