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Cheese Stack Game

NEW IN 2016

Stack the rippled cheese wedges in three delightfully fun games featuring Pip & Squeak, two of the hungriest little mice ever. All wooden pieces grip together to improve fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and more!

For 1-4 players, Ages 3+
Product Code: AS/500/67

Three Blind Mice

NEW IN 2016

Use the intricate pulley system to pull and turn the cheese ball along the intricate maze path!

For 2-3 players, Ages 6+
Product Code: AS/810/10

Balancing Bees

NEW IN 2016

Connect and balance all the worker bees on the amazing queen. It'll take steady hands to keep the hive alive!!

For 1-4 players,Ages 7+
Product Code: AS/500/76

Big Fish Little Fish

NEW IN 2016

The Little Fish are hiding under the Big Fish. Can you 
remember where they are?! Be first to collect a school of Little Fish (one yellow, one blue and one green) and win!

For 1-4 players Ages 3+
Product Code: AS/500/80

Sack of Moustaches

NEW IN 2016

Pick up a moustache and hook one end around the end of a second 
moustache. Now hook your second moustache to a third. Make the longest chain of moustaches without dropping any and win!

For 1-8 players,Ages 8+
Product Code: PM/14

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