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What do you get when “Leonardo da Vinci's Most Famous Painting meets Bart's Sax-playing Sister?” Mona Lisa Simpson. What do you get when “A Toy Spud meets A Dandruff Shampoo?” Mr. Potato Head & Shoulders.  Listen to a "This meets That" riddle that's read aloud and try to link them.  Answer correctly and score a card. Collect the most cards and win.  It's brain-teasing, pop culture candy for your brain. What do you get when “Disney’s Rodent meets The Funny Contraption-building Board Game…”  Mickey Mouse Trap! To win, all you have to do is Link`Em!

• Comes in a deluxe, embossed tin box, 1,256 riddles on 350 game cards and rules.
• National Radio Promotion in 2017!

For 3-6 players, Ages Adult
Product Code: PM/17


NEW IN 2018

Roll five dice up to three times on your turn to fill in a combination on your score sheet. The twist? Decide whether to save a roll to use later. The ability to bank your rolls brings a whole new dimension to every turn !

Includes 20 wooden dice, 20 banx discs, four blinders, four pencils, score pad and rules.



For 2-4 players, Ages 8+
Product Code: PM/18X

Bankroll Shootout

Roll five dice up to three times on a turn to fill in combinations on your score sheet. Decide when to bank or “save” a roll and collect a silver bullet. Use your banked rolls for the big shootout at the end of the game! 

•  Features 20 wooden dice, color coded for each player, 40 silver bullets, four bank blinders to hide your bullets, score pad and rules
•  Trying to keep track of how many rolls each player has banked, while planing your own strategy, makes for a climactic finish to every game!

For 2-4 players, Ages 8+
Product Code: PM/18

Don't Drop the Donut!

Roll the die and then carefully pull out a stick that matches the color you rolled. Big blue sticks are worth 15 points, medium yellow ones are worth 10 points and thin red ones are worth 5 points. 
The game ends when the donut drops! Take a deep breath and remember...



For 2-4 players,Ages 3+
Product Code: PM/19


Bull's Eye

An animal card is flipped face up. Be the first player to plunge its matching pair and collect that card to score a point. Look out for the Bull's Eye. It's worth a whopping five points! Score the most points and win!

Includes 48 silly animal cards, five mini-plungers that pick up cards, game mat and rules.



For 2-5 players,Ages 6+
Product Code: PM/20

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