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Feed Fuzzy

NEW IN 2017

Roll the jumbo wooden dice and then go hunting for colored acorns that match what you rolled. Now it's time to Feed Fuzzy1 His stretchy cheeks sure can hold a lot of acorns! Be first to feed fuzzy all of your acorns and win! 

• Features Fuzzy…. an adorable plush chipmunk which doubles as a carrying case for the game, 40 wooden acorns, two jumbo wooden dice and rules
• Learn colors and counting in the cutest way ever!

For 2-4 players, Ages 3+
Product Code: PM/15

You've Been Framed!

NEW IN 2017

Flip a card and then quickly match the pattern using the correct size and color frames. Arrange face up or be quick to build vertically. Hit the buzzer first to win the round and let your opponents know… “You’ve Been Framed!”

• Includes 24 high-density, plastic frames in four colors and three sizes
• Practice visual recognition and spatial reasoning
•  Features a “try me” package with a talking electronic buzzer 

For 2-4 players, Ages 8+
Product Code:PM/16


NEW IN 2017

What do you get when “Leonardo da Vinci's Most Famous Painting meets Bart's Sax-playing Sister?” Mona Lisa Simpson. What do you get when “A Toy Spud meets A Dandruff Shampoo?” Mr. Potato Head & Shoulders.  Listen to a "This meets That" riddle that's read aloud and try to link them.  Answer correctly and score a card. Collect the most cards and win.  It's brain-teasing, pop culture candy for your brain. What do you get when “Disney’s Rodent meets The Funny Contraption-building Board Game…”  Mickey Mouse Trap! To win, all you have to do is Link`Em!

• Comes in a deluxe, embossed tin box, 1,256 riddles on 350 game cards and rules.
• National Radio Promotion in 2017!

For 3-6 players, Ages Adult
Product Code: PM/17


NEW IN 2018

Roll five dice up to three times on your turn to fill in a combination on your score sheet. The twist? Decide whether to save a roll to use later. The ability to bank your rolls brings a whole new dimension to every turn !

Includes 20 wooden dice, 20 banx discs, four blinders, four pencils, score pad and rules.



For 2-4 players, Ages 8+
Product Code: PM/18X

Bankroll Shootout

NEW IN 2017

Roll five dice up to three times on a turn to fill in combinations on your score sheet. Decide when to bank or “save” a roll and collect a silver bullet. Use your banked rolls for the big shootout at the end of the game! 

•  Features 20 wooden dice, color coded for each player, 40 silver bullets, four bank blinders to hide your bullets, score pad and rules
•  Trying to keep track of how many rolls each player has banked, while planing your own strategy, makes for a climactic finish to every game!

For 2-4 players, Ages 8+
Product Code: PM/18

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