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WILD! Science

Bubble Builder

We have found the BEST long-life bubble mix in the world made by WORLD Champion bubble scientist. In this box you will find the tips and tricks of a champion and MORE!

Age Grading 6+ years.
Product Code: WS/922

Zombie Jelly Workshop

Food graded silicone moulds make jellied fingers, ears, maggots, hearts, brains and eyeballs.

Perfect party food for young Zombies. Face paints included.

Age Grading 6+ years.
Product Code: WS/923


Prehistoric Amber Workshop

Mould Jurassic soap that looks like amber with realistic bugs in it. Safe for bath time. All ingredients and tools included.

Age Grading 8+ years.
Product Code: WS/924

Rocket Racer

Unique balloon powered drag racer plus flying rocket system. Vary number of jets, thrust angle, wheel sizes. Race on land and air at the same time!

Age Grading 6+ years.
Product Code: WS/929

Blood and Guts Workshop

Create your own Zombie 'Blood-in-a-Bag." Runny or clotted? Your choice! Get down and booger with exploding zombie snot, grow some gruesome zombie guts, pickle a pair of ghastly levitating eyeballs, wriggle out some worms and maggots.

Age Grading 8+ years.
Product Code: WS/931

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