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Don't Drop the Donut!

NEW IN 2018

Roll the die and then carefully pull out a stick that matches the color you rolled. Big blue sticks are worth 15 points, medium yellow ones are worth 10 points and thin red ones are worth 5 points. 
The game ends when the donut drops! Take a deep breath and remember...



For 2-4 players,Ages 3+
Product Code: PM/19


Bull's Eye

NEW IN 2018

An animal card is flipped face up. Be the first player to plunge its matching pair and collect that card to score a point. Look out for the Bull's Eye. It's worth a whopping five points! Score the most points and win!

Includes 48 silly animal cards, five mini-plungers that pick up cards, game mat and rules.



For 2-5 players,Ages 6+
Product Code: PM/20

Doggy Bags

NEW IN 2018

Franky is finicky. One minute he's fickle, and only wants a pickle, the next he's dying for a donut. And you better not give him a bone, when he's in the mood for an ice cream cone! Flip over a card revealing Franky's food choice. Now reach inside your doggy bag and feel around for the food that matches what's on the card. No looking allowed in this "Feel Good" game of tactile tastiness. Be first to feed Franky five of his favorite foods and win! CONTENTS: 18 plastic food items, nine food cards, one Franky card, two Doggy Bags and rules in English and Spanish.



For 2-4 players,Ages 3+
Product Code: PM/21

Vehicle Pile Up Game

Be the first player to place your last game piece on the pile without any pieces falling off the game base and win! Builds eye-hand coordination and patience.

Contents: 12 Wooden Pile Up pieces, base and rules.

1-4 Players, Ages 3+
Product Code: AS/500/53

Wooden Clock Game

Learn counting, colors, shape recognition and how to tell time! It’s a puzzle and a game with 3 levels of play! Self-correcting spaces reinforce the position of every piece! Move the red hour hand to the correct number rolled on the red die. Next rotate the blue minute hand to the correct minute space. Take the piece out and flip it over to check to see if the minute piece matches what was rolled on the blue minute die.

CONTENTS: Clock puzzle with movable hands, 12 Double-sided Pieces (Hours /Minutes), 2 Custom Time Dice and Instructions.

For 2-4 players,Ages 3+
Product Code: AS/500/55

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