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Doggy Bags

Franky is finicky. One minute he's fickle, and only wants a pickle, the next he's dying for a donut. And you better not give him a bone, when he's in the mood for an ice cream cone! Flip over a card revealing Franky's food choice. Now reach inside your doggy bag and feel around for the food that matches what's on the card. No looking allowed in this "Feel Good" game of tactile tastiness. Be first to feed Franky five of his favorite foods and win! CONTENTS: 18 plastic food items, nine food cards, one Franky card, two Doggy Bags and rules in English and Spanish.



For 2-4 players,Ages 3+
Product Code: PM/21


Learn counting, colors, shape recognition and how to tell time! It’s a puzzle and a game with 3 levels of play! Self-correcting spaces reinforce the position of every piece! Move the red hour hand to the correct number rolled on the red die. Next rotate the blue minute hand to the correct minute space. Take the piece out and flip it over to check to see if the minute piece matches what was rolled on the blue minute die.

CONTENTS: Clock puzzle with movable hands, 12 Double-sided Pieces (Hours /Minutes), 2 Custom Time Dice and Instructions.

For 2-4 players,Ages 3+
Product Code: AS/500/55

Robot Connector Game

Kids learn colours as they work together to construct the craziest connection of robots possible!

Contents: 32 Wooden Robot Discs, Wooden Colour Die and Rules

For 2-4 players,Ages 3+
Product Code: AS/500/54

Sweet Street 4 Score Game
Itˇ¦s Gum Drops vs. Jelly Beans in this brain-teasing, strategy game where players go on a fun-filled journey to the sweetest place on earth! Be the first player to get 4 of your candy discs in a row ˇV vertically, horizontally or diagonally. Sounds simple, but youˇ¦ll need a keen eye and focus to win, especially with all the delicious distractions!

Contents: Wooden game board, 42 wooden discs (21 wooden jelly bean discs, 21 wooden gum drop discs), game base and rules.

For 2 Players, Ages 6+
Product Code: AS/810/04

Kingdom Chess
Kingdom Chess is just like classic chess, but played on a new, three-dimensional chess board. The Royal Reds face off against the Blue Bloods, kingdom against kingdom, in the ultimate game of skill. Click the magnetic wooden board together and set up the wooden game pieces. Now you're ready to play the "Game of Kings" as never before. Kingdom Chess is a Whole New Level of Fun!

Goal: To capture your opponent's king before they catch yours! When you have your opponentˇ¦s king trapped and unable to escape, it's called "check mate," and you win!

For 2 Players
Product Code: AS/810/06

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