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Giggle & Hoot 20pc Wooden Boxed puzzle - 2 Designs

Match the Halves
here are 12 fun and colourful pairs of Picture Halves that your children will love and learn from! Giggle and Hoot Match the Halves are a fun way to help teach your children about problem-solving and image association.

Age Grading: 3 + Years
Product Code: GH-102

Learn to Count Cards
Teach your child about mathematics and problem solving, with these 12 colourful numbers to match!

Age Grading: 3 + Years
Product Code: GH-101

Quick Chess

For 2 players Ages 6+ Learn and play a simplified version of chess in ten minutes. Flip the board over, and now you’re ready for the full game.

For 2 players, Ages 6+
Product Code: QG-01

Nab Nana¡¦s Num Nums
¡§WOW, the cards smell like CHOCOLATE!¡¨
Collect sets of chocolates to score points or nab chocolates from your opponents, just remember that in Nab Nana¡¦s Nums-Nums, revenge is sweet!
With chocolates (and points) changing hands on nearly every turn, you¡¦ll never know who the winner is until the very last Num-Num is nabbed.

Age Grading: 8+ Years
Product Code: SR/01

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