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WILD! Science

Coding and Computer Science

NEW IN 2018

Explore coding and computer science without a computer! Encode your initials in a cool binary necklace. Race the clock to sort objects by weight, using real sorting algorithms. Make an ancient encryption device, write a program to guide a friend through a maze, and crack the code to create pixelated pictures.

Ages 6+
Product Code: WST/707

Party Trick Science

NEW IN 2018

It's party time! Explore some sneaky science with party tricks to fool  our friends. Make a squirting flower and a snake-in-a-can joke. Do incredible balloon tricks with air pressure and static electricity, make a ball levitate in air, and find the forces in fancy pull piñatas.



Ages 6+
Product Code: WST/706

Sci-Fi Science

NEW IN 2018

Star in your own sci-fi adventure as you explore the science of outer space. Make sci-fi movie sounds and discover the science of planetary orbits and cosmic storms. Launch a rocket to explore the Solar System, make spinning and flying UFOs, and decode a secret alien message.

Ages 6+
Product Code: WST/705

Circus Science Show

NEW IN 2018

Wow the crowd with a circus show using science to do amazing tricks. Balance an elephant on a ball and train a monkey to climb a string. Make a unicycle roll on a tightrope, a flipping acrobat on a trapeze, and learn to juggle three balls in the air!

Ages 6+
Product Code: WST/704

My First Magic Science Show

NEW IN 2017

Star in your own Magic Show! Levitate beads and make Coins and Fingers disappear into a ‘Black Hole’. Build a ‘Hologram’ Theatre (free apps), train a Mind Reading Squid and play in 3D Space. Create Colour Storms with a finger touch … and LOADS more tricks with all the science explained.

Ages 6+
Product Code: WST/700

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