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Learn to Count Cards
Teach your child about mathematics and problem solving, with these 12 colourful numbers to match!

Age Grading: 3 + Years
Product Code: GH-101

Quick Chess

For 2 players Ages 6+ Learn and play a simplified version of chess in ten minutes. Flip the board over, and now you’re ready for the full game.

For 2 players, Ages 6+
Product Code: QG-01

Nab Nana・s Num Nums
:WOW, the cards smell like CHOCOLATE!;
Collect sets of chocolates to score points or nab chocolates from your opponents, just remember that in Nab Nana・s Nums-Nums, revenge is sweet!
With chocolates (and points) changing hands on nearly every turn, you・ll never know who the winner is until the very last Num-Num is nabbed.

Age Grading: 8+ Years
Product Code: SR/01

Bea and Buster・s Bubble Burst
:WOW, the cards smell like BUBBLE GUM!;
Blow the biggest bubbles by laying down runs of numbered cards from your hand, but watch out! Protect your biggest bubble with one of the custom gum tokens or risk getting it popped by your opponents.
With special action cards that keep the surprises coming at every turn, Bea & Buster・s Bubble Burst is sweet-smelling fun for everyone!

Age Grading: 8+ Years
Product Code: SR/02

Dr. Fizzy・s Fabulous Floats
:WOW, the cards smell like cola!;
Quick! Find a frosty mug, add ice-cream, soda, a spoon or straw and... enjoy.
Wait a minute! You were frantically making a float and grabbed a mashed potatoes card instead of an ice-cream card? Yuck!
Quench your thirst for fun with Dr. Fizzy・s Fabulous Floats. Make three floats first and win!

Age Grading: 8+ Years
Product Code: SR/03

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