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WILD! Science

Crazy Chemistry

NEW IN 2015
3 kits in 1! Combination of our Hyperlauncher, Slime and Crazy Face kits. A lot of fun comes in a BIG box!

Age Grading 8+ years.
Product Code: WS031XL

Ant City

Build your own Ant City! The special grit will get the ants to build their home right before your eyes! Feed them food and be a part of their world!

Age Grading 6+ years.
Product Code: WS/925

Worm Farm

Make your own Worm Farm! The sliding privacy screen means they will burrow right next to the window for easy viewing. The tracking sad leave coloured trails exposing secret work activity!

Age Grading 6+ years.
Product Code: WS/926

Snail World
Be a part of the Snail World! Happy snail can lay amazing transparent snail eggs! Use magnifier to watch the babies develop inside!

Age Grading 6+ years.
Product Code: WS/927

Triops City

Explore the lives of our Planet's most ancient living creatures! They grow from invisible to an inch long in 3 weeks from dried up eggs! Voracious eaters and heaps more fun than brine shrimps!

Age Grading 6+ years.
Product Code: WS/928

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