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My First Magic Science Show

NEW IN 2017

Star in your own Magic Show! Levitate beads and make Coins and Fingers disappear into a ‘Black Hole’. Build a ‘Hologram’ Theatre (free apps), train a Mind Reading Squid and play in 3D Space. Create Colour Storms with a finger touch … and LOADS more tricks with all the science explained.

Ages 6+
Product Code: WST/700

My First Special Effects Science Kit

NEW IN 2017

Star in your own Gruesome Movies with a severed hand and fingers still wiggling! Make theatrical ‘Scar and Bone Wax’ for unbelievable accident effects. Loads of gore, scars and stitches too. Make and share an Alien Worm Invasion movie. Camera holder and Workbench included. Free animation apps.

Ages 6+
Product Code: WST/701

My First Backyard Exploer Science Kits

NEW IN 2017

Set up your own pet Ant or Worm colony. Analyse Soil like an Expert and discover astonishing Soil Mini-beasts. Collect Backyard Bugs with your super safe Bug Tongs. Observe and identify them in the Magnifying Bug Holder. Grow seeds in two Scientific Mini-gardens on the special Workbench.

Ages 6+
Product Code: WST/702

My First Disgusting Science Kit

NEW IN 2017

Discover polymer chemistry with Fantastic Fart Putty creations. Learn melting-point physics making bath-ready Nose Soaps with embedded Booger Maggots! Unlock the secrets of a living fungus with the Expanding Gas Blob, feed the Stinky Creeping Sludge … and more.

Ages 6+
Product Code: WST/703

Circus Science Show

NEW IN 2018

Wow the crowd with a circus show using science to do amazing tricks. Balance an elephant on a ball and train a monkey to climb a string. Make a unicycle roll on a tightrope, a flipping acrobat on a trapeze, and learn to juggle three balls in the air!

Ages 6+
Product Code: WST/704

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