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My First Pirate Science

NEW IN 2019

Discover how pirates used clever science tricks to survive in their buccaneering lives. Use the science of gravity to balance a parrot, make a waterproof treasure map, use an air cannon in a pirate battle, and discover why pirates wore eye-patches to defeat their foes. 

Age Grading: 6+ Years
Product Code: WST/710

My First Slime & Putty Science

NEW IN 2019

Mould it, stretch it, snap it, ooze it! This gooey science kit is packed with fun activities to do with freaky fluids. Mix coloured putty to make new colours and add glitter to see it sparkle. Build a scary putty monster and watch it slowly flow until it is a puddle of gunk. Create shadow shapes in glow-in-the-dark putty and use body heat to change the colour of thermochromatic putty. Mix up some cornflour slime and play with its crazy solid and liquid properties. Roll it into a solid ball and then feel it flow between your fingers.

Ages 6+
Product Code: WST/709

My First Solar System Science

NEW IN 2019

Hands-on Space science that is out of this world! Make your own scale model of the Solar System by finding the distance from the Sun to each of the planets. Mould a replica of the Tycho Moon Crater and discover how shadows create the phases of the Moon. Learn where the names for the Zodiac signs came from and how the constellations are used by real astronomers. Make a star mobile and build an alien to survive life in the hostile environment of an exoplanet orbiting a distant star.

Ages 6+
Product Code: WST/708

Coding and Computer Science

NEW IN 2018

Explore coding and computer science without a computer! Encode your initials in a cool binary necklace. Race the clock to sort objects by weight, using real sorting algorithms. Make an ancient encryption device, write a program to guide a friend through a maze, and crack the code to create pixelated pictures.

Ages 6+
Product Code: WST/707

Party Trick Science

NEW IN 2018

It's party time! Explore some sneaky science with party tricks to fool  our friends. Make a squirting flower and a snake-in-a-can joke. Do incredible balloon tricks with air pressure and static electricity, make a ball levitate in air, and find the forces in fancy pull piñatas.



Ages 6+
Product Code: WST/706

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