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Snail World
Be a part of the Snail World! Happy snail can lay amazing transparent snail eggs! Use magnifier to watch the babies develop inside!

Age Grading 6+ years.
Product Code: WS/927

Triops City

Explore the lives of our Planet's most ancient living creatures! They grow from invisible to an inch long in 3 weeks from dried up eggs! Voracious eaters and heaps more fun than brine shrimps!

Age Grading 6+ years.
Product Code: WS/928


Antlantis combines the fascination of ants with the fun of growing plants all in one amazing product!

Age Grading: 6+ Years
Product Code: WS/22

Future Farm

Leading edge science for feeding populations where soil is poisoned or non-existent Unique Hydroponic Farm features ‘magic’ capillary wick feeding of special liquid nutrients to big bio dome gardens where kids can grow their own sandwich fillings – without soil!

Age Grading: 8+ Years
Product Code: WS/32L

Eco Forensic

Be an ECO Warrior and use science to reveal hidden dangers in Water and Soil. Study microorganisms with the Optical Field Microscope. Use Tullgren funnels to capture soil minibeasts and more...  Portable field lab workbench keeps all your tools safe. Reveal hidden facts and expose the truth. 

Age Grading: 8+ Years
Product Code: WS/84L

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