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Worm Castle
Create a unique hi-rise Rainbow Composting Tower. Colored sands show how worms travel underground. A privacy screen means that the action is always visible. Terrarium style gardens grow worm foods. The unique Wormarium workbench features tool holders and Intelligence tests for worms based on Charles Darwinˇ¦s world famous research.

Age Grading: 6+ Years
Product Code: WS/87

Ant Mine
This easy-to-make kit simulates a real Leafcutter ant colony! Be amazed how ants organise the unique chambers and tunnels in their new home!

Age Grading: 6+ Years
Product Code: WS/23

Ant Jungle
See ants wrestle food through a maze or across dizzying heights. See them dig tunnels or rush to the surface if the colony is in danger!

Age Grading: 6+ Years
Product Code: WS/25

Worm Farm
This worm farm teaches children about earthworms and their importance in our ecosystem. Grow vegetation and create a Worm's ecosystem!

Age Grading: 6+ Years
Product Code: WS/27

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