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Crazy Chemistry

NEW IN 2015
3 kits in 1! Combination of our Hyperlauncher, Slime and Crazy Face kits. A lot of fun comes in a BIG box!

Age Grading 8+ years.
Product Code: WS031XL

Detailed introduction

HYPERLAUNCHER; Is it a rocket, is it a ball, its a Rocketball! Add water and the Crazy Crystals morph into supercharged Energy Blasters and a Rocketball. Wow- the Rocketball goes MUCH higher than you drop it. Impossiball? Doing is Believing.
SLIME: First make the slipperiest slime you've ever touched, then magically turn it into Maggots, Guts and Entrails, Jellyfish, Blood Clots, Caviar!!, and so much more. Horrify the adults and thrill your friends with magical levitating Pickled Eyeballs and then ...
CRAZY FACE: mix up and press-mould the ultimate secret weapons: Booger Bombs! Drop them into the hole in the face, add the Nose Cone, add secret Nose Drops and stand back! The nostrils gush - yes gush - a flood of 'stuff ' into the mouth or even the ear! Invent your own exploding Zit Mix. Fizzing Eyeballs? Why not! Earworms? Easy! And yes, it is all REAL CHEMISTRY like you have NEVER seen before.
Learn about
E Polymers
E Acceleration = Force divided by Mass
E Acid Base reactions
E Catalysts.

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