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Zombie Party

3 kits in 1! Combination of our Zombie Jelly, Fart Putty and Zombie Soap kits. A lot of fun comes in a BIG box! Create your own Zombie 'Blood-in-a-Bag." Runny or clotted? Your choice! Get down and booger with exploding zombie snot, grow some gruesome zombie guts, pickle a pair of ghastly levitating eyeballs, wriggle out some worms and maggots.

Age Grading 8+ years.
Product Code: WS098XL

Detailed introduction

ZOMBIE JELLY: jellified fingers, hearts, eyeballs, brains, and maggots! Perfect party food for ravenous young zombies*. Exquisite silicone moulds do the hard work for you. And enough face paint for a small herd of children.
ZOMBIE FART PUTTY: cook up enough fabulous fart putty for each Zombie to communicate in squeaks and burps. Gorgeous gruesome colours and effects, being undead was never so much fun.
ZOMBIE SPARE PARTS SOAP: after all the feasting, burping and painting, best send them home looking clean. Make lots of Zombie body parts shaped soaps using non allergenic casting soaps and special pigments in our ghastly Zomboid moulds. Fantastic fun for up to 6 Zombies.
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