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Australian Toy Fair
The company and all of its brands were on display at the Australian toy fair in Melbourne. Although the stand wasn¡¦t large, the product and stand looked great, thanks to the Sydney and Melbourne staff. The brands that had been displayed around the world were now all back in home territory and 2 had been put in for Game and Australian development awards, amongst very strong competition. I am proud to announce that our ¡§TMNT Pizza Catapult Game¡¨ won ¡§Australian Game of the year¡¨ great job to all involved for the concept and development, that went into the game.
The Tree family were at the toy fair dinner and the youngest members went up to accept the award on behalf of all.
It was not only the Getta 1 Games division that received great accolade, but also the Wild Science, with all new products and concepts being ordered by nearly retailer that came on the stand. It looks like a great year ahead for the company and now it is all about getting the stock out the door.
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