Tree Toys provides complete design, prototyping, tooling, manufacturing and packaging services for companies.

We’ve been helping licensors, toy companies and inventors to deliver new products to market for over 30 years. Our tested partnership methods will help you to make your new products a revenue success story. Our manufacturing capabilities cover all phases of the development process, offering a hybrid system of manufacturing, design and technology with Injection Molding, Large Scale Plastics Fabrication, Assemblies and Packaging into a single turnkey solution. We bundle these services with software and industry knowledge that creates efficiencies across the board and can be customized to your needs from day one.

Manufacturing capabilities

Tree Toy’s bridge the gap between packaging design and packaging manufacture helping you in many cases produce standardised packaging that not only saves you money, but compliments your product and conveys the right message. 

We have the capability to deliver injection molding, corrugated cardboard boxes, packaging and point of sale display concepts. Keeping product and packaging development integrated is a key part of the entire design phase. We always work to standardise packaging which in turn reduces costs by allowing the purchase of raw materials in bulk. It also eliminates the need to purchase many different types of materials, since all of your packages will contain similar materials. This also helps prevent any lag in production times that occurs when packaging in production lines is switched over.

Tree Toy’s CNC cutting, punching and routing capabilities allow rapid and precise production of complex products that require exact dimensions, shapes and cuts.

We use both the latest equipment and 3D CAD technologies to provide you with exceptional CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machining for your products. Drill bit movements are dictated through our predefined  CAD designs in 3D coordinates (x,y,z) making CNC a mainstay in our timber production methods and facilitating reliable speed and accuracy in producing our client’s products. 

Tree Toy’s use advanced processing equipment to produce quality plastic products. Our injection moulding process will ensure your product components and packaging meet all safety standards and expectations.

We have set basic guidelines for plastic injection molding that include important design considerations to help improve part mold-ability and enhance product appearances while reducing production lead times. Our injection molding specialists will guide you through the design process to produce the injection molded parts your new products need.

Tree Toy’s take your products to the finish-line covering all post-processing, product assembly and packaging requirements. We build performance and quality assurance into our assembly lines, adding yet another tick in your products life-cycle.

We use large, dedicated product assembly area’s to provide a wide range of post-processing, product assembly and packaging options. Our precise methods have been curated over decades for perfect assembly and QC solutions. 

Tree Toy’s are at the forefront of heat transfer technologies. Digital printing has changed dramatically in recent years with companies requiring economical, full-colour printing for various batch sizes. Heat Transfer is the flexible efficiant and high-quality thermal printing solution.

By applying heat and pressure during the printing process, the digitally printed image or graphic becomes embedded the micro-pours in the product surface as opposed to being the more superficial solution that other printing processes provide. Your exact graphic or image can be replicated durably and exactly on a variety of surfaces time and time again due to the benefits of heat transfer printing.

Tree Toy’s have facilities dedicated to painting and finishing which include silk screening, decals and labeling.

This is something other manufacturers often have to subcontract. By finishing your products in-house, we eliminate extra handling costs and time-consuming transfers, while ensuring high-quality standards and strict delivery schedules. Our silk screening and painting processes utilise the latest preparation technologies, as well as durable epoxy based inks, ensuring a durable high-resolution finishes.