When it comes to prototyping, nothing can beat a single solid 3D model or RP prototype. These allow you to see all the issues at once.

Using the latest in 3D computer design and engineering software (CAD), Tree Toy’s can create detailed 3D Solid Models, Engineering Drawings and Realistic Graphics for visualization and presentation. Using this same data we can determine the most economical way of producing the finished product using “tool-less” 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing. This also provides a springboard for the initial functionality testing, product safety evaluations and any sales presentations which can reduce time-to-market. It’s this technique that allows all aspects of the project team to address their respective issues at the same time, making this process both timely and economical.

Prototyping Capabilities

Tree Toy’s primary goal is to provide our clients with a seamless and structured transition from prototype to production. We offer prototype production support from the design stage through to production runs and will always provide cost reduction ideas.

Our team is experienced in all phases of product design and manufacture and we can assist even when a quick turnaround is needed. Our extensive team of designers, product specialists and software allows us to produce precision prototypes and expedite using various CAD file types (.dwg, .dxf, .iges, .step, .pdf, .vda) to generate 3D layout patterns. We will provide a rapid prototype to meet your needs.

Tree Toy’s uses the latest CAD product engineering techniques, allowing flexibility to reduce time to market, leading to increased design agility and efficiency. It’s this approach that allows more cost reduction opportunities and less expensive trial and error.

Our first mandate is designing products that are “Manufacture Friendly”. We can work with you from your initial concepts, and design objectives to help define your new product. We will take your concepts and functionally test them in our 3D CAD systems to determine the most economical method of manufacturing the finished product. We can then easily convert the 3D model data into physical plastic models using the latest 3D Printing technologies for initial testing and product safety evaluation.

Tree Toy’s bridge the gap between packaging design and packaging manufacture helping you in many cases produce standardised packaging that not only saves you money, but compliments your product and conveys the right message. 

We have the capability to deliver injection molding, corrugated cardboard boxes, packaging and point of sale display concepts. Keeping product and packaging development integrated is a key part of the entire design phase. We always work to standardise packaging which in turn reduces costs by allowing the purchase of raw materials in bulk. It also eliminates the need to purchase many different types of materials, since all of your packages will contain similar materials. This also helps prevent any lag in production times that occurs when packaging in production lines is switched over.