brand know-how built in

We are OEM/ODM specialists but we’ve also built our own successful brands from scratch which we run and operate internationally. It’s this full spectrum expertise that allows us to better understand our clients needs. We get what it means to run a brand and know the right discussions to have to bring the most meaning to our processes.

WILD! Science ®

Multi-Award Winning Science Kits

The WILD! Science ® brand is registered and recognized internationally as representing premium manufacturing quality, premium design values, the ultimate in compliance and safety, and of course, great play and learning value. The brand in never associated with ‘cheapness’ in any part of a product.

We expect every product to be a potential award winner. We do not release any product that is not up to scratch on all counts. We do not cut corners. This strict adherence to quality means the brand is growing exponentially despite economic downturns.